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Eyeglasses for Kids

Have you noticed your child squinting when he’s watching television? Does your daughter come home from school complaining she has a headache regularly, without exhibiting any signs of illness? Kids can have any number of symptoms that indicate they may need eyeglasses. Even if you only suspect that your child may need glasses, it’s vital that you have your kid’s vision checked by an eye doctor.

Types of Common Vision Conditions in Children

In general, kids experience two primary kinds of vision conditions that may require them to get teen eyewear or glasses for small children: nearsightedness and farsightedness. While both conditions are refractive problems that impair the eyes’ ability to focus light, they are very different.

Nearsightedness is myopia that prevents the light entering a child’s eye from focusing on the retina the way it should. Nearsightedness causes distant objects to appear blurry, but it doesn’t affect a sufferer’s view of things up close.

Also known as hyperopia, farsightedness is basically the opposite of the condition just discussed. Whereas nearsightedness is caused by an elongated eyeball, farsightedness is the result of an eyeball that’s too short. When an eyeball is too short, it forces light to be focused behind a person’s retina rather than on it. When a child has farsightedness, the kid will often see objects in the distance clearly, while closer things will be blurry. In some cases, a child with farsightedness will experience blurry vision no matter how close or far away an object might be.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Kids’ Prescription Eyeglasses

As you look through our extensive inventory of small glasses for kids and teen eyewear online, you’ll see that kids’ glasses come in a wide array of shapes, colors and styles. Depending on the age of your child, your kid may already have a strong sense of style, which might make the process of selecting a pair of glasses easy.

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If your child hasn’t found their style just yet, you can ask your child whether they like the type of glasses any of their friends wear. You can also have your child look through some star-studded magazines and ask them to identify the A-listers they think look best in eyeglasses to try to nail down their style.

However you go about it, you need to involve your child in the process of choosing their children’s eyeglass frames. If your child likes their glasses, it will greatly increase the chances that your kid will wear them.

For parents planning to order kids’ glasses online, it’s wise to filter the options depending on their prescription. Some prescriptions can only be filled with certain types of frames. By filtering the options before your child starts shopping, you can avoid the heartache that will accompany having to tell your child you can’t get the frames they want because they won’t accommodate the lenses your kid needs.

Comfort and Durability

The comfort and durability of your kids’ glasses should be at the top of your list of considerations when shopping. If your child’s glasses don’t fit his or her face well, they may put too much weight on your kid’s nose or pull at the back of your child’s ears. When either of those things happens, your child may refuse to wear their glasses, which will nullify any benefits the glasses provide.

Depending on the activities your child engages in regularly, you may have to seek out durable children’s eyeglass frames. Even the most responsible children will forget to stow their glasses in a protective case from time to time or they may get whacked in the face with a ball during gym class. Because you just don’t know what might happen on any given day, it’s vital that you purchase durable frames and lenses that remain intact no matter what your child might get into.

The Shape of Your Child’s Face

When shopping for kids glasses, consider the following tips during the selection process based on the child’s face. Kids with square faces will look fantastic in oval or round frames. Children with round or curved faces are generally well-served by frames that have sharp angles or square lenses. If your child has a long face, they will probably look wonderful in tall frames. Kids with a heart-shaped or diamond-like face often look their best in frames with more pronounced bottoms, which will complement the shape of their face beautifully.

Order Kids’ Glasses Online From OCHO Vision Today

We have glasses for small kids, teen eyewear, and more in our extensive inventory of the latest trendy frames. No matter what shape your child’s face is and regardless of your kid’s stylistic preferences or activities, we have glasses you and your child will love in equal measure.

Our glasses are affordably priced, making them great picks for parents who already anticipate having to buy multiple pairs for their little (or not-so-little) one. You can shop our eyeglass selections with confidence. Should your eyeglasses arrive with any defects, you can choose between a full refund or allow us to remake the eyeglasses for no additional cost. If you just don’t like the look of your new glasses, you can choose to ship them back and we’ll refund half of the cost of the glasses. A prepaid return shipping label is also provided at no cost to you.